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Animal Repellents

Animal Repellents guard you from animal threat. Patriot Safety Solutions’ repellents are made with yours and the animal’s safety in mind. We employ the latest technology to ensure that our repellents are effective enough to protect you from an animal’s attack while being humane at the same time.

Animal attacks can also be extremely dangerous. Whether it is your dog that has gotten out of control or a vicious wild animal that stops you dead on your tracks when you are enjoying a jog through the bushes, you can rely on our Electronic Animal Repellent or Spray Animal Repellents to keep you safe.

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SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray
Protector Dog Spray
Mace Bearspray 260 grams
Mace Canine Repellent
SCRAM Patrol Sonic Animal Chaser
Ultrasonic Dog repeller
Electronic Dog Repeller