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Georgia Legalizes Campus Carry of Stun Guns

Posted by on 9/26/2016
Georgia Legalizes Stun Guns on Campus

Georgia Legalizes Stun Guns for Campus Carry

Apparently stun guns are becoming quite popular among Georgia college students and their parents.

Governor Nathan Deal recently signed a bill that allows college students on Georgia's 29 University System of Georgia Campuses, as well as 22 associated technical colleges, to carry electronic self defense devices on campus.
The bill allows students to carry both stun guns and tasers, collectively known as "electronic control devices". Deal explained that the bill was a "compromise" between full campus carry, which would include firearms, and still allowing students less lethal personal defense products.The compromise appears to be a hit. Local stores are selling out of the devices, and students report feeling much safer on campus.

Stun guns and tasers are popular self defense weapons nationwide, because they do no permanent damage, but can effectively temporarily incapacitate an attacker by delivering an electrical charge. Stun guns are designed for close in defense situations and generally require contact, while tasers can fire electrical probes from a distance. Prices for stun guns are generally less than $40.00, while taser type products start at $330.
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