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We're branching out!

Posted by Administrator on 9/17/2015
We're branching out!

They always say "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." Well, we DO love personal safety products, but there's something else too......

About a year ago, we here at Patriot got bit by the "metal detecting bug" and started sweeping our local parks and lakes for coins, lost jewelry, relics, whatever we could find. And it's been FUN!

Since we already carry Garrett's high quality security scanners, it seemed like a natural to us to start carrying their sport metal detectors and accessories too. So starting today, we have become a Garrett authorized dealer for their Sport (Hobby) detecting products too. We're still adding products to our site, but it's coming along nicely. So check out our new "Sport Metal Detectors" category. Who knows, the "bug" might bite you too!

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