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Why carry pepper spray?

Posted by Administrator on 4/23/2015

Benefits of Carrying Pepper Spray


Whether you're a lady walking alone, a senior person, or live in a rough area, pepper sprays are convenient to have around. When you are by yourself, it's a great non-lethal weapon to have. Pepper Spray is an important instrument of self-defense. It's always beneficial to have a can of pepper spray around, especially if you do night commutes. 

Pepper spray inflames the mucous membranes of the opponent's eyes, nose, throat and lungs. This causes the aggressors to immediately close the eyes and be temporarily blinded by the sudden assault. Opponents encounter breathing problems as the pepper spray is very pungent. The results usually lasts 30 minutes approximately, depending on its strength. It's an excellent self-defense weapon since it immediately paralyzes your enemy, letting you run for cover. It's in the first few seconds that you can make your escape. 

Except for a few locations, pepper sprays are completely legal in most states. You simply have to do a fast check to learn where it's limited. One thing is for sure, having pepper spray in your purse is a comfortable thought. It has saved lives and incidents of the worst kind. 

Pepper sprays can be rather inexpensive.  Plus, they are simple to use. Anyone who has made use of aerosols will know the best ways to use them. They are practical to grab quickly in your purse, coat or pocket. They even come camouflaged as lipsticks, rings and fresheners. It's a terrific little devices to have that will keep you safe in case you should use it. 

Pepper sprays can be found in different sizes and strength. You can take pleasure in safer morning strolls, nightly jogging or dangerous commutes with confidence. This easy apparatus will enable you to deal with emergencies and terrible acts with nerve and determination.  Never let any individual get the better of you.

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