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Stun Gun and Taser bans are falling like dominos.....

Posted by Mark Stone on 3/9/2017
Last week, we brought you news that the City of Annapolis, MD repealed their ban on Tasers and Stun Guns. Now, according to a report by The Baltimore Sun, the City of Baltimore is set to do the same. 
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Stun gun ban in Annapolis is no more...

Posted by Lorelei Faglier on 3/2/2017
More and more jurisdictions are recognizing the self defense benefits of stun guns and tasers. We here at Patriot Safety Solutions want to keep you informed, so that you can make the best safety decision for your family.


Annapolis strikes down stun gun ban

Lawmakers in Annapolis, Maryland, voted to repeal a ban on stun guns in the city -- the latest in a series of jurisdictions across the state to strike down such a ban.